About Us

Northwest Rock, Inc. is southwest Washington’s leading supplier of rock products. We offer a wide assortment of crushed rock, washed rock, sand, landscape rock and rip rap. We also own and operate a wood waste landfill and multiple dirt dump sites in Grays Harbor County.

Northwest Rock, Inc. maintains one of the largest trucking fleets in the Grays Harbor area. This enables us to manufacture and deliver materials directly to your job site or home. We perform hauling and rock supply contracts with Washington State and local government entities, concrete/asphalt companies and companies within the timber industry.

Northwest Rock, Inc. operates multiple locations within Grays Harbor, as well as locations in Pacific and Mason County. This includes, four quarries, seven sand and gravel mines one wood waste landfill and various fill sites.  Our geographic diversification allows us to outperform other contractors and better meet our customer needs.

Northwest Rock, Inc. is committed to safety on every project.  Our workforce is continually trained on safety procedures and methods.  We hold our employees to the highest standards and have consistently had a low EMR rating with Washington State Department of Labor and Industries.

Northwest Rock, Inc. employees are committed to excellence in every aspect.  This includes the highest level of quality in the manufacturing process, pride in our equipment operations and commitment and dedication from our management team.  Our experienced employees are the key to the company’s success.  They have overcome many challenges in producing and delivering quality materials of all shapes, sizes and specifications.  Northwest Rock, Inc. is dedicated to their employees and makes every effort to create a strong level of camaraderie.  This is achieved through our management style, teamwork and commitment to creating quality products. 

Northwest Rock, Inc. is an equal opportunity employer.